How I Accidentally Fell into the World of Self-Improvement

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I grew up in a very religious family, My parents didn’t even want me to go to college. In their eyes, a trade like being an electrician or plumber was a more suitable path.

College was considered too worldly.

Besides being an avid equestrian, I hated working with my hands. Most of the time you would find deep in a novel from the library.

I fought to go to college. I managed to without help from my parents. I was elated. I knew that college would help me to find my path.

 I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

I went from living a quiet life, being homeschooled and working with horses to the football-obsessed campus of Penn State.

Saying I was culture shocked would be an understatement.

After freshman year I fell into a crowd partied a lot. I rarely went to class and each semester failure loomed a bit brighter on the horizon.

After five years I failed out.

I was broken and lost. I was forced to move back home. I knew that I had to find a job immediately.

After going back to the farm I worked on in the past, I found the restaurant industry. I started as a host in a fancy hotel near where I lived.

I started to make money. Soon I became a server pocketing fistfuls of cash each week.

Despite making good money after a few years I started feeling antsy again. I knew there was a better life out there for me.

The Seduction of the Big City Started to Call My Name

When I was in college a few of my friends invited me to visit them in New York City. I’ll never forget stepping off the bus amazed at the energy I felt pulsating through my body.

After my visit, I knew I had to live there.

So then another seemingly impossible quest began.

For years periodically I would go to NYC and apply for serving jobs. Most restaurants wanted servers with NYC experience. I was from a small town outside of Philadelphia.

After many trials and tribulations, I landed a great serving job. I ended up staying at that job for six years.

Before that job, I failed over and over. I even moved to NYC once before only to find myself packing my things and going back home.

Now that I was settled in the new job I thrived for a few years. I had a great group of friends. We drank tons and went on fancy vacations all over the US.

During this time I began to get heavier than I ever was before. It got to the point that I was constantly bloated and felt sick all the time.

My Diet Was Terrible

Every night after an exhausting shift I would shove cheeseburgers and fries down my throat. I also drank tons of soda and fruit juices.

I was so sick. At work, every movement felt like an extreme effort. Here I was not yet 30 and felt like I was going to die.

One day I decided I had to do something. I made an appointment to see a nutritionist that my best friend recommended.

I’ll never forget sitting in that office heart racing wondering how I was going to pay. Turns out this was the start of my journey in self-investment.

After a few months of an extreme change in diet and lifestyle, my excess weight started to fall off. I felt like a million bucks.

My server friends marveled at my transformation.

I still didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. This bugged me constantly. I hated serving and I knew that I had much more to offer this world.

In addition to a nutritionist, I started to see a holistic doctor. Since I was so thrilled with my healthy living success she suggested that I get certified as a health coach.

This idea excited me and scared me

After months of stalling, I finally enrolled.

It was one of the best decisions I made to date. The program was all online so I worked on it in between my serving shifts.

Some of the lectures I still remember. One, in particular, was a beautiful black woman who talked about how reclaiming our power and using our voice is essential.

I was so moved by that speech that I started to cry at my desk. I knew that finally, I  found a world in which I could thrive.

Fast-Forward to Present Day

It’s now 2019. I enrolled in the health coaching course at the beginning of 2016. Over that time my self-improvement has blossomed.

I’ve also been through many struggles.

Now I know that I want to write, coach, and make inspiring videos full-time to support my growing audience.

But online business is not for the faint of heart.

To put into practice the books I read and videos I watch takes dedication.

My money mindset was terrible growing up. I’m still working on reprogramming.

My self-worth and self-love were near non-existent when I started losing weight.

The only reason I keep my lost weight off is that I keep improving my mind and body. A solid mind-body connection is essential for long term weight loss.

Now sometimes going full-time in my online business feels impossible. Oftentimes I put myself back to when moving to NYC seemed impossible.

There’s so much noise out there. It’s hard to maintain a consistent strong authentic voice.

The whispers of resistance and giving up are powerful. Depression also rears its ugly head.

But I won’t give up.

I’ve always chosen the seemingly hard path. I’ve learned that I must follow my heart…always. My deepest desire is to serve others to my highest ability.

If you feel lost in your journey have no fear.

You’re on the right path no matter what your present moment looks like.

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