Primoz Bozic’s Ultimate Guide System (UGS) The Ultimate Course Review


Hi Everyone!  Welcome! My name is Jerome and I want to take some time today and talk to you about an awesome online course that I recently graduated from.

Deciding which online course you should take to grow your business can be daunting. There are so many options out there. The market is flooded with mediocre course content what won’t help your business in the slightest way.

The online world can be loud and confusing but there is a way to cut through the noise. If you want to grow your business through quality content creation look no further.

I want to introduce to you to Primoz Bozic’s awesome course Ultimate Guide System (UGS). In this online course review you will learn:

  • Reasons why UGS could be a good fit for you
  • How much support you can expect from UGS
  • Success stories of other UGS graduates
  • What you can expect to gain from completing UGS

Note: I am not an affiliate for this course. I am writing this review because I want to share my success from UGS. I hope this review will inspire you to join UGS so you too can learn the power of creating quality content.

Take a look at my completed guide The Ultimate Guide to Stop Binge Eating at Night. My guide is a true testament that you don’t need a fancy Ultimate Guide (UG) and website to publish.

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Here is what we will cover in the review:

Chapter 1. Meet Primoz

1.1 Why I Joined UGS

1.2 Is UGS a Good Fit for You?

Chapter 2. The Top 3 Benefits of Joining UGS

2.1 Benefit 1# Creating a System will Accelerate Your Writing Process

2.2 Benefit 2# How Having Support is Paramount to Your Success

2.3 Benefit 3# How UGS will Transform Your Professional Development

Chapter 3. Success Stories of UGS Graduates

3.1 Learn How Nick Made Money Before His UG Was Complete

3.2 How Diana is Speeding to the Top with Her Published UG 

Chapter 4. How to Join UGS and Get to Your Online Business Off the Ground


Chapter 1 Meet Primoz

Now let’s learn about the man who created Ultimate Guide System (UGS).

Over a year ago  I joined Ramit Sethi’s online coaching program Accelerator. I recently started my first online business course Zero to Launch which is a course that teaches you how to build a online information product from the ground up.

Accelerator is the group coaching program that complements ZTL. I was feeling stuck and I needed support in figuring out how I wanted to develop my online health coaching business.

Accelerator exposed me to world class online business coaches that really helped me move forward in the right direction.

Primoz was one of the 3 Accelerator coaches at the time. Looking back, I think that Primoz was one of the first coaches I spoke to. I instantly related to his direct and concise style. There was no confusion in his coaching style and he really set me up on the right path.

As time went on I began to learn a bit more about Primoz. I learned that he was from Eastern Europe, Slovenia to be exact. I also learned that growing up he really did not fit into the general career track that most people take. I strongly identified with that because I went through the same thing.

Primoz also did not have a college degree despite going to college like me. Primoz also had parents that did not understand what he was going through also like me.

These so called obstacles did not stop Primoz from finding what he was good at. He began to thrive in developing his own business steadily outpacing his peers.

Primoz took  Ramit’s course ZTL and excelled. He was able to grow his own business which helped poker players with productivity at a rapid pace. He was one of Ramit’s star students and later became a coach for Accelerator.

In a short period of time Primoz was able to become a online business star. Primoz has been featured in large online publications like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and

Late last year in December Primoz decided to leave Accelerator and focus on growing his own business. I was upset to see that Primoz was leaving. While I did not attend many of his coaching calls during Accelerator, I was thoroughly impressed when I did.

I felt like I wanted to learn more from Primoz so I signed up to his email list so I could keep track of him. Signing up to his list was a really good decision on my part.

I learned that he was rebranding his business and would be focusing on Ultimate Guides. At the time I was kind of confused about what an Ultimate Guide was. After reading Primoz’s Ultimate Guide Checklist , I quickly got up to speed.

Why I Joined UGS

As I mentioned earlier, I joined Accelerator after getting stuck in Ramits  ZTL course. Being brand new in the online business world is very overwhelming. There is so much information being thrown at you.

The more you research the more confusing things can get. I also got more stuck by consuming content and not taking action. This is commonly called analysis paralysis. I  fell victim to this over and over again. In fact, I still struggle with over analyzing things and letting fear stop me.

Last year and earlier this year I definitely was more stuck than unstuck. For months I would be in my head and not take much action.

The action I did take was sporadic and haphazard. I knew that I wanted to build my business by writing and supporting others but I did not know how to go about it. I would sit up late at night watching ZTL videos trying to figure out the key to creating quality content while building my email list.

I was confused at what remarkable quality content was. I tried the standard guest post pitching with no result. Even when I managed to create a guest post, I got zero email subscribers. Needless to say, the process was extremely frustrating. Perhaps you can identify.

If you are just starting your online business or you are looking for a way to build your business with an engaged email list creating quality content through writing Ultimate Guides may be for you.

With all of my failed attempts at creating quality content, I was at my breaking point. I did not want to give up but I felt stupid for not “getting” the information that I was learning.

When Primoz started to launch his first UGS program, I was not really interested at first. Even after reading Ultimate Guide Checklist, I could not see how writing a Ulitmate Guide myself would help me.

After all, at this point, I already invested thousands of dollars on other courses. I could not see myself investing more money while little or no result.

During the next few weeks before the launch of UGS, I read more about Ultimate Guides. I thoroughly read Primoz’s in depth explanation of how Ultimate Guides worked, I began to develop a clearer picture of how creating an Ultimate Guide could help my business.

Then dawned on me that creating an Ultimate Guide would solve my quality remarkable content creation problem.

For several days I contemplated the pros and cons of joining UGS. My ego told me I was stupid and that I should already know how to create content because I  consumed so much content on how to create a successful online business.

My true self-told me that I continually needed to invest in myself and that through learning my growth potential is limitless. After reading every sales page that Primoz presented and sometimes re -reading the page, I decided to join UGS.

I decided to listen to my true self and further develop my online business in an authentic manner. While creating an Ultimate Guide would take some time, I knew by the end of the course I would finally have a remarkable piece of content to give to the world.

This was a big moment for me because I was going all in on something that I had no idea how it would turn out. It’s not like I decided to hire someone to help me write short form blog posts for a week.

I committed myself to a 10+ week long course that was not really in my budget. I also would have to produce a 10,000+ word piece of content. The mere thought was very overwhelming.  I was determined to create quality content and move my business forward so I could start to connect and support others.

Once I signed up excitement began to take over. Yes, there was fear that I would be throwing myself into another dead end but I looked at the odds and moved forward. After all not many people produce long form content.

They would rather create a bunch of mediocre blog posts and expect the world to care.

I figured if I could create something 10 times better than that perhaps I could begin to grow my business in the way I dreamed.

I am so glad that I decided to sign up to UGS and start my UG journey!

Is UGS a Good Fit for You?

UGS is not for everyone. I want to put that out in the open straight away. Developing an Ultimate Guide takes time and perseverance. If you are successful writing shorter form blog posts and want to try your hand at writing longer content, beware.

Keep in mind that you will no longer be able to publish posts as frequently and you may have to alter your promotion strategy a bit. That being said, writing UG’s can complement your shorter form content.

Personally, I am focused on producing a new UG every 2.5 months or so. In addition to writing  UGs, I am taking on a smaller writing project every month. I write pieces like this review or write a guest post. As I publish more UG’s I may focus solely on them. I may publish longer UG’s and write other forms of content. Your options become limitless once you publish your first UG.

Once you publish your first UG all other writing projects become 100x easier. Writing a UG instantly develops your writing abilities and you are able to write faster, longer, and more concise. You also are able to develop your voice much faster simply because you are producing more work.

If you are new to writing like I am, writing long form is a great way to break in. Instead of struggling with short pieces that won’t have much value, you create a meaningful piece of work that will stand the test of time.

You dive right into the pool, all in. Joining UGS and publishing a UG is a great way to jumpstart your new online business. You establish credibility by taking the time to really go into detail on your subject of expertise. Most will never do this. At the start of your business, you are already ahead of the game.

Below is the UG System you will be using. Each step builds upon the last. If you are consistent and persevere you will publish a guide at the end of the system.

Most would rather post on Facebook or Insta all day. If you take the time to write a quality in depth piece of content you stand out from the noise. You will also be able to build a super engaged audience. From there you can develop a 1 on 1 high-level coaching practice, group programs, online courses, and so much more. Your options are limitless.

You create your own destiny. You have control of where you want your business to go. You are not relying on a third party platform for your audience.

Writing a UG creates a unique opportunity that you will not find through other avenues of building your online business.

Now let’s summarize why joining UGS and publishing a UG may be for you:

  • You are sick of writing short form blog posts and want to make a bigger impact.
  • You are just starting out and want a meaningful way to build your business.
  • You disdain the social media game and you are looking for alternatives.
  • You are aware of the commitment and have the fortitude to persevere.
  • You want complete control in building your online empire.

Now let’s talk about why UGS would NOT be a good fit for you.

I think that this is important because at face value you may think joining UGS is the answer to all of your prayers. You know that it will solve the problem of quality content creation. You are frustrated that you are not building your email list fast enough to get clients and start making money.

As I said earlier, beware before you join UGS. Getting to the publishing stage will take time. Yes, you will have support from Primoz and the rest of the UGS community, but ultimately it is you that must execute day in and day out.

UGS is a framework to work from. UGS is not going to do the work for you. I recommend taking some time to sit with yourself. Go deep and meditate on how you will actually use UGS. If you find that you have limited time or energy to commit, stop.

Perhaps joining UGS is not right of you at the moment. You may want to wait until you have more time and energy to fully commit to the process.

UGS is also not a good fit if you have a history of giving up completely. You MUST have a strong sense of self and fortitude. There will be times when you will want to give up or resistance takes over. Trust me, I know the feeling.

You need to have the self-awareness to realize when completing a UG resistance will take over. You need to have the tools to overcome these blocks. I remember being stuck on my Table of Contents (Toc).

The ToC is extremely important. It is the skeleton from which your UG is built. I remember being super frustrated with myself and I wanted to throw in the towel. I took some time off and acted like a 5-year-old for a week.

If I gave up or took a long break, I would have never published.Instead, I picked myself up and moved forward. I know these blocks will happen over and over. If you know how to go forward then you will be successful.

If you feel that you would give up if you encountered such a huge block like getting stuck on the ToC, UGS is not for you. You have to be emotionally mature to weather UGS. If you are not open to growing and stretching your limits UGS is not for you.

That being said UGS had been an excellent personal growth experience. You discover and develop skills that you did not know you had. It’s all very exciting but you must be willing to go through the fire over and over.

UGS is also not for you if you are looking for a quick fix for your online business. I know that perhaps I am stating the obvious but I think that this is worth bringing up. When I first join UGS, I felt that all of my problems would be solved overnight.

Little did I know that when you develop system problems will come up that need to be solved. As with anything do not be deluded into thinking that publishing a UG will solve everything. Now that I have published my UG I have more problems to solve.

Joining UGS and publishing is a great foundation but you have to remember that building a business will take consistent perseverance. This is a great thing because if you did not have anything to solve then that means you are not doing anything.

UGS is not a quick fix.  I know I am repeating myself but it’s important. You must be willing to put in tens of hours in to publish your UG. Then you must put tens of more hours in to find the promotional strategy that works for you. After that, you must put tens and tens of more hours in to write and publish your next guide.

If this sounds exhausting to you then you already know that UGS is not for you. I do NOT recommend joining UGS just to publish one guide. Be in it for the long haul. If you want to publish just one guide then UGS is not for you.

Let’s recap:

  • UGS is not for you if you are not willing to work.
  • UGS is not for you if you do not have a strong sense of self and fortitude.
  • If you have a history of giving up completely.
  • If you are looking for a quick fix for your online business.
  • If you are not interested in growing personally and professionally.
  • If you are not willing to put tens of hours in then tens more hours.

Chapter 2 The Top 3 Benefits of Joining UGS

There are many benefits of joining UGS. I will take the time now to highlight the most important. Keep in mind like I mentioned earlier, you are the driver to reap these wonderful benefits. Staying consistent and reaching out when you need help guarantees you will complete your UG.

Benefit 1#-Creating a System will Accelerate Your Writing Process

By joining UGS you will have a step by step framework to work from. The system that Primoz teaches takes away the confusion that may crop up if you were to attempt to create a UG on your own.

By having a system you know exactly what you need to do next. You do not have to worry about the steps further ahead. All you need to know is what to do next. This takes away weeks of spinning your wheels and focusing on things that do not matter.

If you do get stuck, you have Primoz and the whole UGS community to reach out to. Having such knowledge and expertise available will accelerate your progress. I know when I got stuck during writing my first guide, I was able to move forward much faster because I had support.

I  had a system to work from so I knew exactly what I needed to work on. Having a system is key in creating a quality product. Without a system, you are likely to give up and fail to complete your UG.

One huge takeaway I experienced after completing my first guide, is that I know exactly how to approach creating my second guide.

I have internalized the system and now I can create my second UG in half the time.  I understand the system. Any blocks that come up will be easier to break through.

Your second guide will also be 10x better than your first. By writing a second guide you will be able to move through UGS at a faster, precise rate. You will also be able to promote and build your audience more effectively.

Above is a glimpse of the UGS member’s area. Primoz presents each step of UGS with slides and live video. If you cannot make the scheduled call time, they are always recorded for you and available in the member’s area. 

Each UG will build upon the others. Before you know you will have a whole library of quality content that will serve you for years to come. You will be able to evolve into a high-level content creator and author books!

Benefit 2#- How Having Support is Paramount to Your Success

I spoke earlier on how much support was available when I was writing my first guide. Without this support, I know for a fact that I would not have been able to finish my guide. Support in your writing process is paramount for the success of publishing your first UG.

UGS is set up for you to succeed. Unlike many other online courses, Primoz has had 50% of his students either finish their Ultimate Guide or they are deep in the process and will publish. This is much higher than the industry average.

To my shock, I found that most people buy online courses and then never finish them. This seems absurd but without proper support and guidance, I can understand why this is so rampant in the online course community.

By joining UGS from the start you are showered with support. At the time of writing this review, Primoz has just launched his 2.0 version on UGS. I graduated from his 1.0 version.

With the 2.0 version, Primoz has 14 weeks of live calls. Each week has two call times. The first day there is a presentation on the next step of the system. Then after the presentation, he opens up the call so you can get feedback and guidance on what you are working on. Primoz has a second day devoted to providing feedback for your UG.

Primoz has designed a course that sets you up for success. Even though it is a group course, you will feel supported every step of the way. After the 14 weeks of calls, Primoz will support you for a whole year on future guides you create!

Slack which is an online office space is set up with channels assigned to every step in UGS. There you can communicate with other students who have expertise in areas in which you may not. I received so much support from my fellow students in the program. This by far helped me complete my UG.

Slack is where you will stay connected. If you use Slack to its fullest you will definitely get results. Remember the UGS community will be there to support you.

I was blown away from the level of support I received while completing my first guide. I even had one of my new friends in UGS edit the guide with me via Google Docs page after page. I will never forget the absolute selflessness he showed. I am positive you will feel the same level of support if you decide to join UGS.

Despite UGS being an online course. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow UGS peers at a meetup in NYC! Too bad Primoz left when the photo was taken but he was there as well. We had a wonderful time! When you join an online course like UGS, you have the opportunity to expand your social network in ways you never thought possible. (Im in the center smiling like crazy!)

Benefit 3#- How UGS will Transform Your Professional Development

Before I completed my first guide, writing a 2,000-word blog post was a daunting task. I did not know how to design the outline and would get deep into the editing spiral of doom (you will learn about the editing spiral of doom if you join).

It would take me forever to complete a simple 1,500 hundred word blog post. I would get crippled by perfectionism. The feared that every word I wrote was absolutely horrible. I was completely overwhelmed me.

Since completing my first guide, I have gotten much better at this. Now, I allow myself to write freely (trying not to judge myself). Then I go back and make edits once, twice max. This allows me to not get stuck in the editing process.

Not getting stuck in edits also allows for better flow of writing. You are able to write what you mean to say without judgment. This is the only way I was able to complete my first guide.

In fact, if I got stuck on making everything perfect, I would have never finished my first guide.

Take note that developing the skill of not over editing and letting flow happen will take time. I am just beginning my writing career. I know that I have a long ways to go in getting rid of crippling my sometimes perfectionism.

Through UGS I now know how to get through the process without getting too stuck. Now I can work on speeding up the writing process and become a better writer over time.

When you complete your first guide you will have such a leg up. A guest blog post at around 2000 words will seem like nothing to you. You will be able to produce quality content at a faster rate thus growing your business more than you ever imagined.

You will also create an opportunity for yourself that would not be there otherwise. Now that I have created my first guide, I raised my 1 on 1 coaching fees. This is because I invested in myself by completing UGS. I developed the confidence to create remarkable content.

I  have the confidence to command higher fees as I progress. I value myself. I value the work I produce. Investing in a course like UGS  is a win-win. You create an awesome guide that will help many people plus you expand your revenue with quality services like coaching and online information products.

This will allow you to push the boundaries within yourself to reach your ultimate potential. When you create something as epic like a UG you give yourself license to go further in life than you ever imagined.

Now, I have two big international trips planned (London and Bali). The trips are for a professional development conference and a co-working retreat. This will allow me to meet more people making quality connections. This will push my business to the next level. Without creating something like my UG, I doubt I would have the confidence to go out into the world and push my self-imposed boundaries.



Even if you don’t sign up for the next round of UGS (or one of Primozs future courses). I encourage you to produce work of exceptional quality. This will allow you to grow at a rate that you never thought possible. Gone are the days of quick blogging and silly Facebook and Insta posts.

Like me, you can find yourself going to far flung locations throughout the world. Creating quality content is a catalyst to open up your life in ways that you previously dreamed about. Opportunities like London and Bali have been presented to me in less than a year of developing my online business.


The internet is so noisy with people on such platforms screaming for attention. Use this to your advantage and pivot. Pivot to something that is meaningful and will create a lasting impact. Then when you present your work on third-party platforms like Facebook it will gain the attention it deserves.

I understand that committing to creating a 10-20 thousand word document may seem impossible especially if you are in your first years of your online business like I am. I was super scared that I would fail on so many levels when I first signed up for UGS. I am so glad I did sign up because now I get stronger every month.

I know that if I continually produce quality content my business will grow. I have the confidence to expand my business how I see fit. Going through the fire over and over gives you strength. You will be amazed at yourself. I am still shocked that I published my first guide in a matter of a few months.

What’s more shocking is that I am super excited about my next guide on Intermittent Fasting (IF). I thought that I would get burned out from my Binge Eating Guide. The opposite has happened. I listen to podcasts and read articles on IF constantly. I also ask questions and get feedback from others in the IF community. Creating my IF guide is so much FUN!

I know exactly what I am doing and what I need to do. I will improve drastically each time I publish a guide. This would not be possible if I never finished my first guide.

Now let me tell you about the success of other UGS graduates.

Chapter 3 Success Stories of UGS Graduates

When I first started in the online world I assumed that if someone brought a course costing thousands of dollars they would definitely finish the course. My thinking was extremely naive.

Like I mentioned earlier, in the past few months, I learned that many people buy online courses then NEVER finish them! I researched this further and found many online business owners suffer from this phenomenon.

Yes, they create beautiful sales pages that convert into many paying customers. Then after the sales process is complete many of the students fall off the face of the earth. I find this fascinating. Why would you pay for something and then never follow through?

My conclusion is that many suffer from shiny object syndrome. They are looking for the next quick fix and then find out much more work is required. Then they give up after a while because things get hard real fast.

Then they see another promising course and the cycle continues.

Primoz designs his courses in a way that attracts students that will follow through. UGS 1.0 is a testament to that. Out of about 30 students, half have either finished their first guide or are deep into the process.

This is much higher than the industry average.

To be able to commit to something like completing an Ultimate Guide takes fortitude. Publishing UGs are not for the faint of heart. The success of UGS reflects this. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about signing up for the next cycle of UGS.

Now let’s see what some of my other fellow graduates have done with their completed Ultimate Guides.

Learn How Nick Made Money Before His UG Was Complete

First, let’s meet UGS 1.0 superstar Nick. Nick published his first guide before the course even ended.

He makes crazy detailed UG’s for boutique fitness studios. He does this by helping the studios monetize their business through Facebook ads. More specifically he teaches the fitness studios how to run ads through Facebook Live and Facebook video ads.

His results are phenomenal. Nick was able to make back his investment of UGS 1.0 before he published his first guide! He did this by getting side coaching work worth hundreds of dollars during his research process. Nick was also able to make his local yoga studio over $15,000  in one day by using Facebook Ads!

Think about it. You can start to make back your investment in the course before you even complete the outline for your first UG!

Nick published his second guide soon after his first guide helping boutique fitness studios grow with Facebook video ads.

Nick is a UG machine!

Nick is able to create exceptional quality content that then rewards him with incredible opportunities.

Recently, he obtained a  head of marketing position at a boutique fitness studio.  I was not surprised. Creating a high-level UGS produces high-level results.  Nick created quality content that spoke to the reader’s pain. He was able to solve their problem and get a job in the process!

Naturally, Nick is working on his third guide. Once you get started with UGs it’s hard to stop. I too am addicted.

You can create opportunity through creating UG’s  just like Nick. His story is such an inspiration.

How Diana is Speeding to the Top with Her Published UG


Next,  meet the lovely Diana. Diana was also one of the first students to publish her guide. Diana specializes in creating guides on how to create and manage online communities.

I think that this is a perfect business idea given the way technology is morphing. As time goes on I am positive online communities will be standard for just about any personal or professional pursuit. By that time Diana will be at the top of her field.

Like me, one of Diana’s main goal is to build her email list through creating UGs. You may think that email marketing is dead and a thing of the past. I am here to tell you that email marketing and the ability to connect with people via email is alive and thriving.

Like Diana, you can create UGs to build your email list fast and effective.

You are able to monetize your guide be applying different strategies presented by Primoz in the course. You are able to directly speak to your audience and gain insight on how your business will develop.

Diana is a perfect example that this works. When she published her guide it received attention from top influencers in the online world like Selena Soo.

By creating a remarkable guide on how to manage online communities, Diana is able to leverage her success.

She is doing this by building her list, connecting with her audience authentically, and developing relationships with top online business professionals. Diana is creating a career that has unlimited potential.

Diana has audacious goals for her online business that she will easily surpass.

When you publish your first UG, you will begin to understand how this is all possible. Like Diana and Nick, you will have the ability to expand more than you ever dared to dream.

Chapter 4 How to Join UGS and Get to Your Online Business Off the Ground

I hope that you have gained some valuable insight on Ultimate Guides from this review. By being willing to take bold risks,  you gain the fortitude to publish your first UG.

Currently, UGS is closed but I will leave you with a few options.

  1.  Read Ultimate Guide Checklist. This will give you an idea how UGS 3.0 will operate once Primoz opens up the course again.
  2. Sign up to Primoz’s  list so you will be the first to know when UGS is open.
  3.  Click below to look at these examples of awesome UGS. This will give you an idea of how you will develop your first UG.

Make sure you take the time to do research and figure out how you will develop your UG. This will save you tons of confusion later when you are about to design and publish.

Don’t wait for UGS to open again! Get started today. Like Nick, you can start making money during your research process!

Your options are limitless when you create your first UG. Discover your own expertise and go for it.



P.S. Send me your first your first UG when it’s complete! Fill out the form below so we can stay in contact.

Plus you will receive a free PDF copy of this review.