No One Reads Anymore Why This Is A Complete Lie

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The other day I met a man that told me no one reads anymore. He said, “ people don’t have the attention span, all they do is click through.”

This statement is a complete lie. Yes, video has increased in popularity as the internet has evolved. Video has its place. But the power of the written word is here to stay.

I was listening to a podcast that talked about romance authors on Amazon. Once they develop a juicy series with a great promotion strategy their audience becomes insatiable.

Their audience gets pissed if a new novel is not published every couple months. For the author that is an immense responsibility. I can imagine how draining that gets.

People do read. All you have to do is write then promote.

I started blogging about health specifically weight loss over a year ago. First, I created an ultimate guide to help stop people from binge eating at night.

It was my first big writing project and it took months to complete. The guide is over 10,000 words and it flopped completely.

I was devastated. It was supposed to be a cornerstone piece so I could start to build my online business. After a few months after I decided to try writing another ultimate guide.

Keeping in the health space I decided to tackle the subject of intermittent fasting. This guide is over 20,000 words and its doing much better than my first.

From that guide, I got my first 100 email subscribers. Over 3,000 people have viewed it.

People do read. But you have to find a way to promote your writing. I found that by answering questions on Quora and authentically promoting my guide in my answers, people go to my site and sign up to my list.

Over a half million people have viewed my answers on Quora. I am consistently a top writer on topics like healthy living and weight loss on Quora. I have been writing on Quora for only 3 months.

People will respond to your writing.

Writing on Quora gives people a chance to engage with me.  Find a  way to strike a chord with people. Entertaining the reader with titillating stories about romance or how they can lose weight fast are good examples for consistent engagement.

Some engagement will be negative and nasty. Some will be uplifting and encouraging.

As a new writer, I am fragile when it comes to negative response. I am learning to take negative feedback for what it is… a learning experience but this is hard.

As a develop my voice and audience I am sure I will get better. I have a suspicion though that I will always have to work on my ego.

This is completely fine. I know that I have my story to share with the world. I won’t stop whether I get lots of positive or negative feedback.

As a new writer, I on occasion experience crashes.

When my binge eating guide failed I crashed for weeks. I barely wrote. When my fasting guide didn’t take off like I wanted to I crashed.

Writing for me is deeply emotional.

While I write mainly about how one can improve their health through tactics, I deeply care about my reader’s health.

When I don’t write I feel worse than if I have a few days of negative feedback. Getting back on up that proverbial horse as fast as possible is key.

Consistency is the catalyst for success. I am sure you have read many Medium articles hammering down this concept.

On the same token sometimes it’s great to take a step back and evaluate where you are going on your writing journey.

Over time I found that the harder I am on myself, the harder it is for me to enjoy what I am doing.

When I am kind to myself I remember that every day I write and share, I am taking one step closer toward my fulfilling my dream.

My dream won’t be completely fulfilled until I die. Remembering this in times of difficulty is helpful.

If you want to write. Write. People will read your work if you authentically promote and create on a consistent basis.

Yes, this is much easier said than done but your struggles are the best teachers you will have.

I am excited that more people read my work each month. Don’t let others fill your head with ridiculous notions like people don’t read anymore.

They do. I am sure you have value to give them.

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