4 Lessons I’ve Learned from Daily Meditation

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Years ago I remember sitting in my holistic doctor’s office depressed. While diet was good and I was working out often I was suffering from depression.

 She asked, “are you meditating’?


I didn’t know much about meditation. I thought it was for the hippies and over spiritual people.  But I was suffering and decided to give it a try.

I downloaded an app and expected to feel my depression lift straight away.

The first few sessions were weird.

My mind raced and I felt crazy. I wondered how sitting still for 10-20 minutes repeating a mantra in my head could help with my depression.

1. It takes time to see improvement

After the first few weeks, I started to see some improvement but I wasn’t convinced that meditation could help my depression long term.

After six months of near-daily practice, I begin to see results.

I noticed that my:

  • Depression was less intense and frequent.
  • I felt more grounded in my daily life.
  • I became more patient.
  • My awareness skyrocketed. I realized that I didn’t love myself very much.

Fast forward present day, my whole life has changed.

Now if meditation isn’t part of my day I feel the effects. I rarely go more than two days without mediating.

2. Every session won’t be perfect filled with peace and happiness

In the beginning, I was expecting blissful sessions which would leave me calm and focused. The truth is many emotions come up as you practice.

Sometimes I’m calm and focused. Other times tears stream down my face for most of the session.

Meditation allows pent up emotions to come to the surface and be released.

Each time you sit down and go within is perfection.

No matter what happens.

If you get one moment of peace, free of thought that’s more than enough.

If you expect perfection you’ll be disappointed and most likely will give your practice.

Know that over time your connection with Source will increase. This connection allows you to experience more peace in your life.

Meditation shouldn’t be treated like a challenge. It should be treated like bathing or sleeping.

Even if you don’t take five to sit down and meditate, you can simply walk aro and around and appreciate the beauty around you. Doing so allows you to connect with what really matters.

3. My sensitivity to negativity increased

Meditation heightens your awareness. I’ve noticed that I’m more empathetic to others pain. I shy away from engaging in conversations that have gossip that puts others down.

Over the years as you practice, peace and loving awareness from the effects of mediation flows into all areas of your life.

I’m also more apt to use negative experiences as a  learning tool versus an excuse to dive into self-loathing.

We’re not meant to be victims of our life experience. The contrast between the negative and positive is meant to teach us.

 Growth comes from embracing all the experiences we have.

Meditation allows you to discern these experiences effectively. You’re less likely to stay in a spiral of negative thought.

4. Healthy living is easier to maintain

Back to the story with my holistic doctor, one of the original reasons I started to see her was to lose weight so I could do my job without feeling sick.

Meditation helped me keep my lost weight off.

If I hadn’t started my practice when I did I’m positive that I would have a hard time maintaining my results.

Mediation also helped me expand my other healthy living practices.

Now each day I:

  • Practice intermittent fasting.
  • Do mantras and affirmations in the mirror and as I shower.
  • Incorporate love when I start to spiral into negative thought.
  • Use mental tools I’ve learned from books when I feel like a victim or stressed.
  • Watch spiritual videos or listen to podcasts.

While I’m not perfect and still struggle with depression, meditation helps me when I’m at my lowest points.

Recently, I went through an intense period of depression. Meditation helped. Some days the only thing I did was mediate for 20 minutes.

I’m sure that if I didn’t practice I would still be stuck in an intense cycle of depression. I’m learning to reach out for support instead of being stuck for weeks at a time.

If you struggle with weight and/or depression, meditation is a great tool to use daily.

I encourage you to start a practice today if you don’t already.

 I’ve had so many intense experiences over the years with like connecting with Angels, visualization, and astral projection.

I would not be where I am today mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually if I didn’t take my doctor’s advice and start meditating.

Reap the benefits from daily practice. Your life will expand in ways you never thought possible.


Download my guide to  Less Stress, Less Weight for more healthy living tips that’ll help you create an effective meditation practice.

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