Increase Weight Loss Safely With 5 Simple Steps

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Weight loss can be one of the most challenging obstacles to conquer in your life. There are so many diet programs promising you instant results.

Perhaps you experienced good results and then only a few weeks later you plateaued or worse gained your lost weight back.

This does not have to be your permanent story.

You have the power to change your story.

You are able to lose the weight you want safely without jumping on a scale brow furrowed at the number.

You will lose excess weight for good when you change your story. In order to change your story, your actions must reflect your desires.

With these five steps, you can change your story and keep weight off for good.

  1. Replace your current diet with whole foods.

First, assess your current diet.

If you are eating foods that are highly processed, by simply switching to a whole foods diet will cause you to have rapid weight loss.

It’s very important that you replace your current diet with foods that you actually like.

Creation of your own healthy diet will ensure long-term success. So focus on finding foods like:

  • Organic meats that you can prepare easily like lamb. bison, duck, wild seafood.
  • Low or gluten-free starches like oats, barley. rye. sweet potatoes, wild rice, buckwheat, rutabaga.
  • Fruits and vegetables like bananas, spinach, kale, papaya, arugula, berries.
  • Drinks black coffee, green tea, kombucha. Limit added sugars at all cost.

By creating a diet with foods you know you enjoy will allow you to lose all the weight you want.

2. Develop your weight loss system.

To keep up with your weight loss journey an automated system is mandatory. By creating a system you avoid decision fatigue.

To create your weight loss system start with one or two things each week. For example:

  • Week One-Start going grocery shopping on the same day at the same time.
  • Week Two- Schedule two fun workouts.
  • Week Three-Start batch prepping time intensive meals one day a week.
  • Week Four- Add one more day of home cooking.

By slowly building your system you will be able to keep consistent. You will also see more weight loss as a result.

The less decision fatigue you have, the better. Your system will help you stay on track.

James Clear in his article, How Willpower Works: Decision Fatigue and How to Avoid Bad Choices gives you actionable insight on how to create your system.

3. Delay your first meal by a few hours in the morning.

One of the fastest ways you can lose weight is to delay your first meal by a few hours.

You may have heard that not eating as soon as you wake will cause your metabolism to slow.

This could not be further from the truth.

By fasting for the first few hours of your day will cause your body to stay in ketosis (your fat burning state).

By staying in ketosis longer (fasting for 14–16 hours), you permit your body to burn off more of its fat stores.

The 5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast explains further how skipping breakfast will change your life.

Intermittent Fasting may seem like an extreme way to start your weight loss journey, but if done correctly it is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight rapidly.

4. Gradually increase your activity level.

Like we discussed earlier in developing your own weight loss system, gradually increasing your

activity level will allow you to drop weight rapidly.

You don’t want to immediately schedule 5 workouts a week from having only 1. This will not serve you in the long run.

In addition to potentially injuring yourself, you will most likely experience quick burn out.

Build a foundation that will permit you to lose weight and keep it off.

While it might be frustrating to start small, it will pay off in the long run.

You will experience better long lasting results by gradually increasing your activity levels.

Your excess weight will fall off. A gradual increase in exercise will help you build more muscle and have less body fat.

5. Create a morning routine.

In recent years the personal development arena has exploded with all kinds of ideas for the perfect morning routine.

Each article written exults the virtues of a morning routine that must include cold showers, deep meditation, journaling, and running a 5k.

Ignore this.

It is important to start your day off with a good routine but it should be tailored to you.

Make it up. But do it every day.

Your morning routine could include a cold shower or running a 5k

Or it could mean taking 5 minutes and thinking of all of the abundance in your life.

By simply being grateful is a good place to start.

It took me a while to create my morning routine. At first, it seemed ridiculous and uninspiring so be patient with yourself.

Once you find :

  • A diet that works for you.
  • Your own system that has great weight loss habits.
  • A fasting protocol that will accelerate your weight loss.
  • A fun workout routine that builds each week.
  • A morning routine that supports all of your great efforts.

You are well on your way to losing weight rapidly and keeping it off.

If this list overwhelms you,  start with 1 of the habits and build from there. You will still see dramatic results.

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