Here’s How to Free Yourself from Fad Diets

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Have you ever joined Weight Watchers or did a Whole 30 challenge? You may have experienced some wonderful results.

How long did those results stick?

If they stuck for longer than a year then you are well on your way to total transformation.

But if they haven’t feelings of guilt and frustration probably wash over you from time to time.

Recently, I was speaking to my mom who said that she and my father are on a Whole 30 challenge.

I excitedly asked her how things were going. I am proud that my parents are becoming increasingly conscious about their health.

She blatantly said that she is having a hard time sticking to the challenge (my father even more so). You could hear the frustration in her voice.

She told me that she struggles with the low carb aspect of Whole 30 and bends the rules.

This is a good thing.

Use diets like Whole 30 as a guide.

Make up your own diet with foods that you love.

Like my is mom is experiencing, only about 5 percent of people keep weight off from crash diets.

Crash diets are defined as a severe caloric restriction or limiting food choices.[1]

Back in 1999, an article in the New York Times highlighted the fact that it is common knowledge that 95 percent of people regain their lost weight.[2]

The article argues that this is not necessarily true.

See, back in 1959 a study done on 100 obese people saw a rate of 95 percent non-compliance.

Other studies were done after reinforced this statistic.

The article goes on to say that two researchers created a National Weight Control Registry in 1994 to get a larger sample of people that were actively losing weight.

The results are much more positive. The registry found that on average respondents maintained an average of a 67-pound weight loss.

Between 12 and 14 percent of participants maintain an over 100-pound weight loss.

The respondents experience so much success because they have changed their life holistically.

By gradually (or more rapidly) changing their diet and lifestyle they are able to keep excess weight off.

Fad diets don’t work.

You must find foods that are whole and minimally processed that you love eating. Eating a diet of whole foods will allow you to drop weight in a healthy way.

Use prescribed diets for inspiration. But create your own plan. A health coach or nutritionist will help you tailor a plan made for your success.

Delaying breakfast for a few hours can accelerate weight loss.

In addition to creating a diet that is made for you, delaying your first meal of the day will also aid in long-term weight loss.

Our culture in Western society is very consumer based. Food is one of the main drivers of this consumption.

From an early age, you are told that you must start eating as soon as you wake. You probably have heard that breakfast is brain food or breakfast spikes your metabolism.

These types of statements serve no one but the food producers. By avoiding breakfast which is a notoriously unhealthy food group, you will experience many health benefits.

These benefits include:

  • More energy and focus
  • More weight loss and body fat loss over time
  • Better insulin sensitivity and more stable blood sugar

By delaying breakfast you allow your body to remain in the fat burning state commonly known as ketosis.

The 5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast goes into detail about how delaying breakfast will accelerate your weight loss without dieting.

If delaying breakfast does not appeal to you, try eating food with little to no carbs.

This will allow your body to stay in nutritional ketosis and will suppress blood sugar spikes at the start of your day.

Incorporate movement into your life daily to keep weight off.

Looking at your weight loss as a lifestyle transformation instead of dieting is not complete without a good exercise routine.

By incorporating movement into your daily life, you are able to lose weight faster along with building more muscle tone.

Movement will also boost your mood which will aid you to keep on the path of sustainable weight loss.

If going to the gym does not suit you, don’t go.

Instead, find clever ways to make movement part of your day.

This could mean taking a brisk walk with a friend during lunch or joining a sports league that will provide you with motivational support.

By not dieting and looking at your life as a continual transformation, you will see success for years to come.

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