Eliminate the Need for Motivation and Workout More

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Often times, when you are struggling to stay motivated working out a deeper issue, is at the root of the problem.

Not being motivated to workout consistently is a symptom. In order to discover the root cause it is necessary for you to look within.

Perhaps you are not fulfilled in your career or relationships. The feeling of lack permeates all aspects of your life.

In order to stay motivated, sit down with yourself. Write or think about the areas of your life where you feel the most frustrated.

Allow the emotions that come up to flow freely. Oftentimes in order to feel in control, we suppress emotion.

Suppression of emotion restricts energy flow causing you to become stuck.

Feeling stuck prevents you from having the energy and motivation to properly take care of your body.

You can start healing yourself by allowing all emotions to surface. Developing a deeper awareness of your conflict allows you to come up with a solution to your problem.

Start with the small goal of moving more each day.  

In his article, I’m Using These 3 Simple Steps to Build Successful Habits That Stick James Clear talks about the magic of starting small using daily pushups as an example.

He first started by only doing 10 pushups the first day which only took a few seconds.

One the second day he did 11 pushups. From there he added one more pushup each day.

By doing this James was able to start small and not have overwhelm. By slowly increasing the number of pushups allowed James to assimilate to his new habit with little effort.

You can do the same.

Start small by taking a five-minute walk or doing the pushup routine as James did.

The magic of compounding takes over and you are able to meet your larger goal of working out more with success.

Build a solid foundation before tackling larger goals.

Once you have built a solid foundation of moving more each day, then you can maximize your success.

Keep in mind this may take a while but it’s not about the results it’s about the process.

The process of building a solid foundation like daily pushups helps you move more while providing you with more self-esteem.

The cliche “ it’s not about the destination but the journey” holds true with the motivation to exercise.

Strive to be the best you can be.

Be in competition with yourself. Get inspiration from others around you to help you grow.

When you focus on the present, your desired future of becoming fit becomes your present.

If you chase the future, you will be stuck in the present lacking the motivation for your future fit self.

Develop a connection with mind and body for continued success.

Being present takes continued practice. A meditation practice will have a profound effect on you staying present.

Anxiety stems from being focused on the future wanting to get out of the present moment. You reduce anxiety and develop a solid mind-body connection by staying more present.

Mediation is a prolonged moment with the present. Through meditation you are able to notice your thought patterns.

Limiting beliefs will come up so you can address them. Embrace them and you will learn where they come from.

Exercise is a form of mediation. You are in the moment focusing only on the movement.

Don’t worry about having to go to the gym every day. Instead:

  • Focus on developing awareness around what is hindering you.
  • Start with a small exercise habit then build from there.
  • Incorporate a practice like being meditative to develop a great mind/body connection.

If you find the gym to be limiting try:

  • A brisk jog in the park with a friend.
  • Enrolling in an adult dance class.
  • Joining a fitness league or team for motivational support.

The options are endless.

I found that the secret to keeping myself motivated was to make things more fun and be kind to myself.

Do the same and you eliminate the need for motivation to workout. Working out becomes a part of your life, not a task that creates feelings of drudgery.

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