How to Eat Healthy and Cheap Meals that Keep You Full

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Finding healthy food that is cheap can be quite a challenge. These days buying organic products seem out of reach because of the price tag.

The truth is, in the long run, eating out is much more expensive than eating organic foods. You tend to get sick more when you are not eating foods made by you or someone you love.

The other day I was talking my friend and noticed that he sounded stuffed up. I asked him if he was sick.

He said that in the past few days he had pizza and a few other SAD (Standard American Diet) foods. By eating a few meals that were not healthy, he came down with a sinus infection.

I’ve known my friend for over a year and he never looked or talked about being sick once. Whenever we talk he is always bouncing with energy. It was a shock seeing him not at his usual best.

By taking care of himself most of the time he almost never gets sick. You can avoid all kinds of sickness that are thought of as “normal” by eating foods that are healthy and cheap.

Food that is cheap and easy to prepare are on the perimeter of your grocery store.

Going grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Signs scream the latest deals. A lot of the times while these products are cheap, they usually are not the best for you.

Buying whole foods that are along the perimeter of your grocery store is the best way to fill you up without spending tons of money.

Look for items like:

  • Sweet Potatoes– They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are easy to prepare. You can bake, boil, or eat them raw. They are a complex carb food that won’t spike your blood sugar and will keep you full.
  • Onions, Mushrooms, and Garlic– These vegetables are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. They will help you lose weight and flavor dishes. They are extremely versatile and will enhance many dishes.
  • Kale, Arugula, and Spinach– are rich and minerals like magnesium. They are easy to prepare and their rich nutritional properties will reduce cravings.

There are so many other options like beans, wild rice, and quinoa. It doesn’t take much to prepare these foods and they will keep you full for the week.

Get into the habit of checking out labels. At first, you might feel like a crazy person examining every item you put into your grocery basket.

But by checking out labels you will find ingredients that don’t meet your diet standards. Vet each new item you are interested in to reduce getting sick.

The American food industry is not transparent. Arm yourself by purchasing products with few ingredients and no artificial additives.

 Batch prep each week so you are not tempted to eat out.

With foods like listed above, you can literally create a great gourmet quality meal with just a few ingredients.

I know that before I started eating well, I thought that it was super expensive to eat “rich” people food.

This is false. Fast food is much more expensive in the long run. Having poor health keeps you in poverty.

The key is to plan for the moments of indecision you will have around eating. If you prep and roughly plan your meals, you save money, stay healthy and full.

The key for long term weight loss is to create a diet and system that works for you.

Healthy living over time should become automatic. To prepare a great meal few tools are needed. A saute pan, knife, and cutting board will allow you to quickly whip up a great meal.

Eat a healthy vegetarian diet that will fill you up and save you money.

Meat production in the United States is at an all-time high. The total beef production in the USA in 2017 was 26.4 billion pounds.[1]

The average American eats roughly 92 pounds of chicken per year. The production of beef and chicken continues to rise each year.[2]

Meat tends to be more expensive than fruits and veg. While both industries have its issues, a more vegetarian diet may be a good rule to follow to minimize food costs.

Consider having Meatless Monday every week or limiting meat consumption to a few times a week.

If you are a meat eater look into bison or lamb. These meats tend to be produced with higher standards (like being grass fed) and if ground cost the same as beef.

Like I talked about before, there are many cheap vegetarian organic sources to take advantage of.

Its also a great idea to look up farmers markets in your area. You are then able to eat organic for less.

Don’t worry if you live in a big city. Places like NYC and San Francisco have farmers markets daily.

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