3 Excellent Ways to Reduce Belly Fat for Good

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Fat loss especially belly fat can be quite challenging to get rid of. I remember before I started my weight loss journey my stomach got bigger each year.

It did not matter if I reduced calories or started to go to the gym more often. My belly fat remained. It was not until I changed my whole lifestyle instead of certain parts that my belly fat started to shrink.

Despite the fact that I am older, each month I get closer to my goal of having a six-pack. Here are three excellent steps you can take to reduce belly fat for good.

1.Create a whole foods diet that works for you.

Researching a great way to lose belly fat can be daunting. There are so many diets and programs promising an instant flat stomach.

In reality, successful body fat loss will take a bit of time. It is important that you develop habits that support your goals in body fat loss.

Many grocery stores have “weight loss” foods tricking you into thinking that body fat loss only requires you to consume their product.

Food products that scream weight loss actually do the opposite. These foods are filled with sugar and artificial chemicals that make your body hold on to weight.

In order to have long-term belly fat loss, focus on consuming whole foods that help you reduce overall body fat.

“Spot reduction” or targeted fat loss is not possible. An article in the Yale Scientific Targeted Fat Loss: Myth or Reality? highlights a study done in 2007 at the University of Connecticut with 104 participants.

In the study, the participants went through a 12-week resistance training program that had them selectively exercise their non-dominant arm.

The results concluded that:

  • MRI assessments found that subcutaneous fat before and after the program showed that fat loss was generalized and not focused on the trained arm.
  • Spot reduction does not burn that many calories.
  • Fat broken down to be used as fuel comes from anywhere in your body, not just the exercised part.

To get the most out of your body fat loss goals, consume a diet of whole minimally processed foods.

This is far more effective than consuming “weight loss” food products and targeting your belly fat during workouts.

Use belly exercises to strengthen the muscles. As you lose overall body fat through a whole foods diet, your belly muscles will begin to show.

2. Develop a body fat loss system that fits into your life.

Once you create a whole foods diet that works for you, develop a system to support your goals.

Your system can look like:

  • Going grocery shopping on the same day and time each week.
  • Roughly meal planning and prepping time-consuming food at the beginning of each week.
  • Eating 80 percent of your meals made by you or someone you love.
  • Picking three days for physical activity per week. Build up to more days for faster results

Once you get into the groove of your system it’s much easier to stick to your body fat loss goals.

The mystery of how you are going to live healthy every day is taken out of the equation. Over time your system will become automatic. You can tweak your system for more effective results.

To reduce overwhelm start with small steps while creating your system. If you are getting started on your body fat loss journey start by going grocery shopping on the same day and time each week. Build from there.

3. Prolong daily fat loss by skipping breakfast each day.

One of the most effective ways to lose body fat is to skip breakfast each day. This is commonly known as practicing the 16:8 intermittent fasting protocol.

In recent years intermittent fasting has exploded in popularity. But fasting is not a new concept.

Back before the dawn of agriculture food was scarce for man. We had to go for long periods without food and had to rely on our fat stores for energy.

From an evolutionary perspective, our bodies have not changed that much. Your body is designed for sporadic eating.

If you want to accelerate fat loss, fasting is one of the best ways to do it. To begin fasting most fast for 16 hours and have an eight-hour eating window.

Delaying your first meal by a few hours ensures that your body remains in its fat burning state longer.

You will not be starving yourself or deplete gained muscle.

Over time this will compound and cause you to have more rapid fat loss. The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting gives you the proper steps to start your fasting journey.

When you create a whole foods diet, develop a body fat loss system, and fast daily your belly fat will begin to disappear forever.

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